Training Times

Janvrin Primary School Tuesday/Thursday evening (7 pm -8 pm) All Grades.

Coming soon Children’s Classes on a Sunday.

Training & Warm-Up Sessions

Training sessions last approximately 60 – 80 minutes. All training sessions start with a warm-up. This is very important as the body needs to be prepared correctly before any strenuous movements.
If the body is cold and unprepared this can lead to necessary injuries, therefore we ensure that a minimum of 15 minutes is designated for a warm-up session.


Stretching defines your freedom of movement. Lack of suitable flexibility can mean working against your own muscles as they reach the limits of their normal range. Good flexibility is essential for correct stances and effective kicking techniques and to minimise muscle strains and injuries. For best results, try to stretch for 20-30 minutes every day.


Strong legs are especially important in Shotokan Karate because they are the driving force behind all techniques. High kicks require not only flexibility but also strong legs and stomach muscles if the techniques are to be effective.


This is very important for us all to attain a high fitness level as it improves the heart and lung functions and maximises stamina.


If an exercise does not feel right, it is your body’s way of telling you to reduce the pressure to a more comfortable level.

First Aid & Safety

We have fully qualified first aiders in our club who are on hand if the occasion should ever arise.
For safety reasons, we do not allow the wearing of any jewelry, including watches, earrings, and rings. If earrings cannot be removed it is your responsibility to cover them with tape/plasters.

Please always keep your finger and toenails trimmed.