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Janvrin School
St Helier, Jersey

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General Information

We are a growing club who are always happy to welcome new members, whether you are a beginner or experienced. If you are interested in karate and self defense, just visit on any of the days and times listed on our website. You can start your karate training there and then or simply watch a class in progress before you decide to start. There is no need to pre book for your free karate class, just arrive 15 minutes before your class begins. Your first 4 lessons are free and there is no obligation to continue if you decide it isn’t for you.


Jersey Shotokan Karate Club training takes place at
Janvrin Primary School Tuesday/Thursday evening (7 pm -8 pm) All Grades.






Training is taken seriously but it is important that it is fun and enjoyable.
At the academy we focus on perfecting the basics and we practice them regularly. Only then can we move on to more advanced techniques and forms.
To find out about when and where training takes place click here.






We are a very proactive club holding various events throughout a typical year, such as;

  • Kyu gradings
  • Annual black belt panel gradings
  • Exchange visits with other countries
  • Social events

See our events page for details.